Do you want to rule the market in 2021? Look what marketing strategies you should opt for to increase your ROI.

Whether you are new in the business or already exist, everyone requires strong internet marketing strategies to sustain themselves. This might sound hectic but it’s true.  Have no fear — we will discuss the ten most important marketing strategies and why you should care about them.

So, Let’s start with…

What Is Marketing Strategy? How Is It Different from a Marketing Plan?

A Marketing strategy describes your business’ entire process.  It is important because it sets the overall direction for your marketing. However, it is a bit different from a marketing plan. A marketing plan describes the specific actions marketers should take to implement their marketing strategy.

This means you need to get it developed earlier for the next few years. Whereas a marketing plan is an action that is usually prepared for the current year. Do you know Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing? (HubSpot)

What Are the Best Marketing Strategies You Can Opt-in 2021?

Sustaining a business and making it as a brand is not that easy. You need profitable ideas to target an audience and sell them your products. Here, not only selling products, if you have other services to provide like information sharing, you too need great ideas.

Without the best marketing strategies, it’s hard to fuel profit or increase growth. Also, it is important to identify the right one to boost your marketing efficiency. So, what are the things you can opt for, we will discuss it beneath.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Make Your Business Increase Sales, Visibility

1. Expand Your Visibility Using Social Media

In this digital world, where everything is operated at the fingertips, you need to think more smartly.  Do you know today 55% of buyers perform research on social media platforms? According to IBM, most of the buyers prefer social media for their shopping.

If you really want to reach the right audience and increase marketing effectiveness, social media covers all your aspects. It gives you the platform to showcase your products and services in a wider place.

Today, ignoring social media can put your business to the fallback. The reason is that it has the magic to grab the audience’s attention in an easy way. The truth has led salespeople to get themselves involved in various social media platforms. According to Forrester, there are up to 90% of the sales process companies are completing through social selling.

So, using social media platforms is a great internet marketing strategy you can use for your business. This will help you in increasing visibility as well as sales funnels.

2. Provide Resourceful and Informative Videos

Do you have any idea how much the marketers are earning through video marketing? Nowadays, businesses that are using video are able to grow 49% of revenue faster than businesses without videos.

About 51% of marketing professionals around the globe denotes video as the best form of content that can increase their ROI. So as a marketer you should think about creating crisp and informative video tutorials.

Videos are the most effective ways to take the business in front of your potential customers. Even tutorial videos are gaining massive popularity. If you have a grip in particle subjects, you can attempt these business forms,

There are various types of marketing strategies you can apply to create videos. Most of the people are on YouTube and teaching people something useful. After Google, people are preferring YouTube as a second option to search for anything. So start creating video tutorials and promote your business.

3. Start Blogging Immediately

If you don’t have started blogging yet, start it as early as you can. Blogging is the right approach to increase visibility and awareness of any niche. There are approx 70 million posts we see each month published on the platform like WordPress.

Blogging has various marketing benefits but putting it ideal is worthless. Just posting your thoughts on your blog is not useful, you need to share it with other platforms.  You can reach some authority domain for the same purpose.

You can use LinkedIn as a publishing platform. Here you can do the blogging more effectively. So make sure not to post irrelevant or thin content. Try to post some valuable content.  If you skip providing valuable content then you are skipping your business to become a brand.

4. Search Engine Optimization is a Proven Way to Increase Brand Awareness

If you are looking for various marketing techniques, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the best option to go. In a report of BrightEdge, it has found 68% of online experiences start with a search engine.

And, it also says that SEO has the capability to drive 1000%+ more traffic irrespective of organic social media.  This is the most powerful technique marketers are adopting in their business.

Whenever someone wants to search for something, they head to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, maintaining your business on the top is a bit tough. But you can hire SEO experts to do so.

There are ample agencies that provide SEO services at an affordable price. They will take care of all day-to-day operations. Today, the online presence of the business is a must, you can’t neglect it. SEO is the best way to fuel your online presence and hence increases business growth.

5. Determine Your Leverage Influencers

Some tips to boost your brand visibility on social media is to leverage influencers. Doing this the right way can help you in reaching millions of peoples. For this you don’t need to follow influencers who have millions of followers, just start with a few ones.

Leveraging influencers is one of the easiest ways to reach most of your targeted people. But, you need to select the influencer that too holds up your niche. This technique gives you the path to target the right audience.

For this, you don’t need to invest too much money, here the small investment and right influencers can scale up your business profits. This is the right option for small business marketing. This technique will definitely work, just use it for your business.

6. Use Paid Advertising Options like Facebook Ads

 Paid advertising is another great way to do marketing. As Facebook has a greater audience base, you can use its ads facility to boost your ROI. With this, you can easily target your potential audience with respect to their interest, age, geographic location, etc.

94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile whereas only 6% is from the desktop.

7. Adopt Email Marketing Sequences

As per the OptinMonster, email marketing has the potential to generate 4400% ROI. Moreover, according to Experian Marketing, a personalized email hits six times higher transaction rates, but entirely 30% of brands use them.

The journey of marketing is not that easy. However, email marketing is a better way to increase sales funnel. The automated email sequence can help you in building a relationship with your subscribers. Try to convey the message in an authentic and transparent way.

Email marketing gives you the chance to do the split test. Here you can test different email campaigns and understand which one is working better for your company. If you’re an entrepreneur or owner of a small or big one then you definitely should focus on email marketing.

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8. Use LinkedIn the Right Way

A Linkedin profile can give you massive benefits in your business if you do it in the correct way. You can easily generate lead over it.  B2B marketers can use this social media platform for various marketing strategies and campaigns.

In the report of experts, it has been noticed that 97% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn for the purpose of content marketing. B2B businessperson must know that LinkedIn is a key tool to use as part of your marketing strategy and campaigns.

That is why it is advised to create your business profile as early as possible. Here add a short description to your profile that allows your audience to know about your business.  Believe me, if you do it correctly, you gonna see shocking results. Use this platform to spread your visibility and increase lots of new connections.

9. Create An Affiliate Program

Do you know 81% of brands are dependent on affiliate programs to improve their business?

Yes, it’s true! Affiliate programs contribute 30% of revenue for the companies. Affiliate marketing is a powerful marketing technique to generate massive fuel for your business’s growth. However, the process needs persistence to make it in the right way.

You might have to face some setbacks in the starting phase but never demotivate yourself. Start approaching potential affiliates and ask for help from them. They can assist you in creating better affiliate programs.

10. Build a Better Lead Magnet

Effectiveness in marketing is widely important. It can assist you in creating a better lead magnet. But things to take into consideration is that you need to present the right lead magnet to the right audience. Then only you can see the massive improvement in your business growth.

The decent strategy to accomplish this is that examine the right  points and introduce a solution in your lead magnet


Now you must have known the top 10 marketing strategies that you should focus on in 2021. These are the few ways through which you can generate amazing results, attract more clients, increase more income.

These are the best ways to make yourself a marketing Rockstar. So, stop wandering here and there, just jump into these marketing strategies.  The biggest thing we need to know about being marketing experts is that we have to choose marketing funnel strategies that work for our customers.