Planning to be an independent consultant? Access to information is the key to success; all successful consultants need the right information at right time. Sometimes you may need some project specific resources, however, there is a common list of online resources that a consultant will need regularly.

Here is a list of 10 such resources that most consultants find useful. The list can go on; we picked 10 items that we felt is of immense help.

1. LinkedIn

This is a networking platform for professionals. From jobs, getting projects to recruitment, everything becomes easier when you are on LinkedIn as it connects you with the right person. You can join relevant groups, discuss and debate on various issues and upgrade yourself.

2. CNN Travel

This helps you get all the information that you may need while traveling. Even consultants need to travel to meet their clients and for other work related matters. They can follow CNN travel and receive the updates via Twitter on the go.

3. Google Docs

If you truly want to create a paperless office, start using Google Docs. You can create official documents and share them with others located somewhere else. It is a great way to collaborate with extended team members.

4. Evernote

While working on multiple projects it often happens that an idea suddenly comes in your mind which may not be related to the work you are doing right now; but this can be helpful for another project. Evernote allows you to take notes; you can save your ideas using this web based application.

5. IRS

Another important website that you have to visit; the Internal Revenue Service is the place on the web where you can find information about tax, you can apply for EIN, i.e. Employer Identification Number and find relevant events and news updates.


Situations may arise when you need legal help and have to hire an attorney; but if you just need to download a legal form or need help related to a legal format of an application or something you can visit

7. MarketingProfs

No matter whether yours is a small, medium or large scale business, you need to market it. This website provides valuable information on lead generation, search engine optimization, email marketing etc. You can subscribe for Free or opt for the Pro membership.


The full form is Help a Reporter Out. If you cannot afford hiring a PR firm, then HARO is for you. It connects reporters with you and many other people who can provide breaking news and updates. Follow HARO on Twitter to stay tuned.


This is the official website of the Government of the United States. It is a great source of information for consultants, self employed professionals and business owners. You will get all sort of information related to business and entrepreneurship here.

10. Workshifting

There are many entrepreneurs who work alone. We can call them solopreneurs. Workshifting is the blog that helps them learn how to be more productive. This blog lets you understand how to work efficiently from anywhere – home, coffee shop or airport.