Android Task Manager

Android is an inseparable part of every man’s life. The handy Android device consists of almost everything right from documents, files, presentations, mails; preserving all these is also an important task.

These below 10 task managing apps will help you to systematically manage all your tasks for smooth functioning of your Android devices. Help yourself with these intuitive featured task managing apps for those who love downloading new apps or games everyday.

10 Task Manager Apps to Manage all Tasks on your Android Device

The undesired background app running unnecessarily may consume all your battery of your Android phone or tablets. It becomes important to kill or uninstall the apps that are not needed or used by the individual. Clean your Android device at regular intervals using these below 10 efficient task management apps so that your phone works swiftly.

  1. Advanced Task Killer

The task managing app is the most downloaded managing app and is one of the best advanced task killer apps that facilitates with features like Task Manager, Speed Booster, Battery saver and much more. This app helps over 70 million Android users and is used to kill applications and boost memory. It was used widely but due to some reasons, it stopped receiving updates in 2016, now it is the most up-to-date app that maintains your device. Download the free app or purchase it for $4.99.

  1. Advanced Task Manager

This popular management app is more like a phone booster. It works on Nougat and is used to kill apps and games, clear background apps, clearing RAM. The ignore list allows the user to run those apps that you don’t want to close. It also works with the newer versions of Android and remains the best app for the older versions. Download it for free or purchase it at $2.99.

  1. ES Task Manager

The free management app is developed by ES File Explorer. The best part about this app is that it is one of the few task managers that comprises of a material design.This task manager performs functions like saving battery life, releasing memory, uninstall unrequired apps, Speeds up your device and also provides phone’s information. It includes all the basic features of a task manager and is user friendly. Try the intuitive features offered by the app. Click on the download link to acquire the app.

  1. Smart Task Manager

Smart Task Manager was earlier known as ‘Android Task Manager’. The developers were charged for using Android in their name. Its work is similar to any other traditional task management apps. Smart Task Manager enables the user to auto-end tasks, white listing the apps that need not be closed, shake your device to clear tasks. Almost people use applications of camera and music’s. To store them in Smartphone, it require more space. In the Apps category you can use fildo app to store the more number of music tracks and avoids using more data while storing different music tracks on a regular basis.Take backup to restore your phone, also get all up-to-date app information. Purchase the app for $2.49.

  1. SystemPanel 2