It is hard to find a single city, a single day in the world that is safe from violence, threats, crime, natural disasters, etc.  According to the World Population Review report, India has 44.42 crime rates whereas the UK has 44.54 crime rates.

There is some sense of fear when walking alone in the city, especially in women. In favour of dealing with such situations, some companies have taken baby steps to make women, kids, and adults feel safer in the city by launching safety apps.

The purpose of launching a personal safety app is to engage people in creating safety for them. Such apps will let the people know which areas of the city are safe, unsafe, or moderately safe.

The app also acts as a personal GPS tracker that allows users to be tracked or trace a loved one.  So, let’s have the demonstration of a few personal safety apps for Android or iPhone.

Safety Tracking App: Choose The One That Suits You Best!!

1. iOKAY- One of The Best Intuitive Personal Security App

It is hard to predict when and where unspontaneous things could happen to us, right? Even there is a possibility that you might not find people around when you are stuck in an emergency.  An app like iOKAY, well-known personal safety apps for Android and iPhone, can do wonders in such a situation.

You can use this app to share an alert message to your loved ones- family, friends with just two clicks. It will not only share the message, but it will also share your location so that your loved ones can track you sooner in an emergency or accidental situation like stuff.

Other iOKAY Hidden Features

  • Activates automatic messages in an emergency without touching your smartphone.
  • If you cross the speed limit of your vehicle, you will get notified that a message of limit is exceeded, thus avoiding accidents.
  • Easy to track the location and find location using Google Map & Apple Maps.
  • Easy to check notification history as per needs.
  • Overview of the battery of the phone.
  • Notify when you enter highly criminality or potentially dangerous point

2. bSafe: Best Safety Apps For iPhone & Android

bSafe aids in offering you broad-spectrum security to your life. It reduces the chances of getting stuck in risky situations, abuses, violence, crimes, etc.  It is a world-leading safety app that both Android and iPhone users can download on their devices.

For guardians, bSafe is like a gift; they can have a continuous look at their child’s journey. If the child is traveling alone, he/she can share an invitation with their guardians so that they would accept it and track them via live GPS tracking. Besides, the user can seek immediate notification when someone is watching over them.

Other bSafe Hidden Features

  • After activating the SOS button- whether you do it with a single tap or voice, an automatic message is shared with your loved ones giving an update of the current location and real-time scenario.
  • You can use voice to activate the SOS button if the device is in a pocket, jacket, etc.
  • Guardian can capture live streaming of their child using such safety apps.
  • Allows you to establish your security network.
  • Easy to share location with the selected people.
  • Act as an obstacle with its siren-like alarm.

3. Sister -Free Personal Safety App

We, as women, would like to walk alone without fear at any time of day or night, but the street still doesn’t belong to us. Often, we feel unprotected on the streets and use self-defence mechanisms such as dialling the police number, turning off the music on the phone, or taking detours to get home.

Sister is a geolocation application for women that aims to end the insecurity that we too often feel. We deeply believe that every woman has the right to move with total safety and freedom anywhere and at any time without feeling fear or worry. That is why we are committed to creating an application that seeks to reduce the feeling of insecurity, prevent possible threats, and respond in case of emergency.

Other Sister Hidden Features

  • Choose who will follow you in real-time.
  • Follow the safest route.
  • Activate the deterrent alarm
  • Activate SOS
  • Have you arrived safe and sound?
  • Give us access to your camera and mic.
  • Activate the location

4. Family Locator – Mobile Safety Apps

Around  70,000 families have Family Locator App on their phones because of its end-to-end safety solution. It is the most trusted, tested, and evaluated personal protection app that uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology in tracking you and your family with real-life experience.

You can use the device’s camera to track your family members by tapping a single green-coloured AR icon appearing on the device screen. By tapping an icon on the screen, the app will start using your device camera to give you a realistic view of your family members from anywhere.

Other Family Locator App Hidden Features

  • With this safety tracking app, you can track your kids until they Check-in safely to the school.
  • You will get an immediate SOS with a location in case your child ever gets lost.
  • You can set up Safe and Unsafe Zones for your family; this way, you will get an alert notification if someone enters the Unsafe Zone.
  • You can use Invisible Mode to hide your location.
  • No GPS or data connection is required while boarding your flight.
  • You can avail Location History of your family members for the past seven days.

5. BEAWARE – Personal Safety App Android

BEAWARE is again an excellent personal security app for Android enriched with numerous features like Geo-Fence, WRU, Locked Screen info, and so on. The app strengthens personal safety to the highest.  It sends a single tap signal to guardians with complete information when their id is stuck to an emergency.

It is not only designed for the safety of kids or women; anyone can use this app for their safety. You can even send an ALERT message to notify your loved ones when the phone is locked by pushing the power button.

Other BEAWARE Hidden Features

  • WRU features notify your allowable contacts with the location you are currently present.
  • LOCKED SCREEN shows the guardian contact numbers and blood group.
  • Loaded with the proper facility and GUARDIAN management, it transmits safety alerts via SMS, in-app loud siren alert, email, and user’s last location.
  • SMART CAPTURE feature immediately starts using the device front and back camera to capture pictures, audio, and video recording during adverse situations.
  • Allow you to set preferences and parameters as per your privacy requirements.

6. Watch Over Me- App For Safety When Walking Alone

Turn this personal safety app when walking alone and not find yourself safe. It will watch out for you whenever you feel stuck in a potentially susceptible situation. You can set how long you want the device to watch over you; it will start tracking your parameters and safety preferences.

Watch Over Me uses an award-winning tracking solution to keep an eye on you while you are alone. It keeps your friends and family watching over you when you are on your journey by sharing pictures, notes, etc.

Other Watch Over Me Hidden Features

  • Easy to track location.
  • Alert messages get generated when you are at a susceptible location or situation.
  • Provide uploaded videos or pictures to the permitted person.
  • It stops when you need a break.

7. Shake2Safety – Smartphone Safety Apps

If you are in search of the best safety apps for Android, Shake2Safety is all you need. Yes, it is easy to use and loaded with advantageous features to protect you in vulnerable locations. Either you can shake your phone or press the power button four times to send an alert signal to the permitted contacts.

Other Shake2Safety Hidden Features

  • SOS text or call the registered numbers.
  • Work even if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • You can activate or deactivate the shaking device feature to send an alert.
  • Best protection app for accidents, robbery, harassment, and any natural calamities.

8. Life360- 24/7 Personal Safety

Similar to other personal security apps for the iPhone, Life360 offers you a 24×7 hours safety that can make you feel a little bit more powerful and protected. It has incredible hidden features to save your family’s primary places such as school, home, work, and keep on altering who one comes and goes. Easy to set map, privacy rules, or safety guidelines for your bus stop zones or neighbourhood play zones.

Other Life360 Hidden Features

  • Directly navigates you to the point by tapping into the photo or the map without any address requirements.
  • Alert your family members when you safely Check-In to the place.
  • Silently alert Circle members or emergency contacts of your location.
  • Have a regular snapshot of how everyone’s driving.
  • Have complete details of the driving habits of different members in the Circle units.

9. Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert is a helpful mobile application for making you alert with adverse situations via alert messages, notifications and more.  It allows you to set up your principles as per the requirements. Using this personal safety app, you can frequently set up alerts or choose different mp3 sounds—a useful app for business continuity, disaster notifications like  Earthquakes, security threats, and flood alerts.

Other Emergency Alert Hidden Features

  • It acts as a local emergency service provider.
  • You need to set manual rules to receive an alert message for floods or earthquakes.
  • Received a pop-up or silent message.

10. Rave Panic Button

Rave Panic Button is the ultimate option for personal safety apps for Android. It smartly shares what situation you presently are in and where you are? Contact 911 to report suspicious activity you see around.  It will immediately kick off an alert message to all your emergency contacts.

Other Rave Vanic Button Hidden Features

  • It is a strong time-saving warning tool that helps you in dealing with suspicious situations.
  • By clicking the emergency button, your device will start dialling 911.
  • It strengthens coordination between agencies, first responders, and individuals at the scene.

Smartphone Safety Apps Enable Various Safety Options!!

Bottom Line!!

These are some fully functional personal safety apps for both Android and iPhone devices in 2021. The ultimate aim of all mentioned safety apps is to help you and your family stay protected in any unfavourable situation.

I hope you find this article helpful in picking the right tool for you and your loved ones. Please ping me down which app you find helpful and how. It will help others know more about these safety apps if you share your real-time experience.


Q1: What is the best personal safety app?

A1: The term personal safety is all about an individual’s capacity to keep themselves free from several psychological, physical harm, and emotional harm or threats from others. So while selecting the right app can be a bit tricky.

There are numerous personal safety apps available on the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store, but selecting the best out of it is challenging. However, you can check the app’s review about the app; it will let you know their real-time experience with such safety applications. So let’s learn a few personal safety apps for Android and iPhone:

  • One Scream
  • bSafe
  • Circle of 6
  • Red Panic Button
  • Scream Alarm
  • Flare
  • Silent Beacon
  • Kitestring
  • Watch Over Me
  • Invisawear
  • SOS Stay Safe
  • React Mobile

Q2: What is the most popular personal safety app for Android?

A2: Here are some of the most popular personal safety apps for Android devices. These all the apps are easy to download on your Android smartphone. With these apps’ presence, you can effortlessly send an emergency message to your loved ones by having a single tap on the button or just shaking the smartphone.

By doing this, it will instantly send the live location to your friends. Now let’s figure out some of the most-used personal safety apps for Android:

  • SOS StaySafe App
  • Life360 Family Locator App
  • Circle of 6
  • VithU App
  • bSafe- Personal Safety App
  • Nirbhaya: Be Fearless
  • Earthquake Alert!

Q3: What are the best personal safety apps for the iPhone?

A3: There are numerous useful personal safety apps for the iPhone; these apps will let you quickly discover a missing family member even when they are far away. Such apps on the iPhone will save time and energy for finding the missing persons and even alert you for adverse situations such as earthquakes.

You can even use this app to create private groups with your loved ones to have regular updates of each member and check their real-time location. Now let us know what some popular personal safety apps for the iPhone are.

  • Life 360 Family Locator
  • Presence Video Security
  • Family Locator and GPS Tracker
  • bSafe
  • LifeLine Response