There is excess of information on the internet today but it can still be complicated to discover that one information you want. In fact, even Google can’t answer to your queries directly and if you look for a question, probability is that you will come across some alternative answers on Yahoo! Answers which are not exactly what you were searching for.

As an alternative, nowadays there are a number of niche question and answer websites available that can make your hunt for an answer much more fruitful. These sites have been developed to permit users to inquire and answer questions and typically allow users to vote up answers which they think are the best.

There are numerous popular Q&A websites that you may already know but keep reading to see the other best places to get your query answered that we have found for you.

1. Focus makes the world’s business proficiency accessible to everybody. It is a network of thousands of top business and technology professionals who are thought leaders, experienced persons and upstart innovators in many different subjects and marketplaces. Whether it is Q&A, studies or dealings, you can personalize all of the skills on Focus by following different experts. Focus is also painless to make use of and generously accessible to everyone who needs help in making superior business verdicts.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-oriented site which also enables users to explore companies with which they may be fascinated to work with. It also has a feature called LinkedIn Answers which is like Yahoo! Answers, which permits users to inquire questions for the public to answer. This feature is absolutely free and the main dissimilarity from other similar sites is that queries are potentially more business-related and the uniqueness of the community asking and answering your questions is known.

3. Yahoo Answers

It is a society driven Q&A website of Yahoo! that permits users to both present their questions to be answered and even can answer questions which are asked by other users. Yahoo Answers also provide its members the prospect to earn points as an approach to encourage more participation by the users.

4. Area 51

What if there is no Stack Exchange site for the subject you wish for? You don’t need to worry. Area 51 is Stack Exchange site where you can recommend new Q&A websites and you can begin taking part in promising communities around the topics which you are interested in. The unique Stack Exchange sites meant to be for tech related topics but Area 51 contains a wide variety of answer related to production, business and much more.

5. WP Questions

When you are trying to squeeze your site, and supervise to completely split your code, it is simple to get worried as you are trying to discover the answer you require. This is an exciting weave on the well designed website of Q&A. You can place your urgent questions about WordPress, you then need incorporate the code you are having difficulty with, and then incorporate a cash payment for the professional who will answers to your query. You can then vote up the answers that are most helpful, or can even browse the answers received by others.

6. O’Reilly Answers

This is best known for their reserves on technology, and any developer is expected to have quite a few of their volumes at their workplace or in their much loved eBook reader. When you strike a difficulty in your coding, you could strive to discover the answer you require in their books.

7. Quora

You might know the fact that Q&A sites are admired when an entire fresh social network is built around asking queries. That is precisely what Quora has been designed for. Fascinatingly, it is fascinated adequately for tech insiders and business leaders that there are a number of motivating solutions with detailed opinions concerning a wide range of subjects. Instead of being intended about getting solutions to facilitate fix a problem, questions on this site are typically extensive.

8. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is one of the innovative Q&A sites available over the internet and this site continues to be one of the greatest sites to discover answers about an amazingly wide variety of subjects. It was launched with Stack Overflow, a Q&A site for developers and these days it has more than 50 sites. You can create your account on this site with any of your OpenID, after that you can ask questions and can post your replies to those that have already been responded. And unlike many other similar sites, the questions and answers here are regularly of exceptionally high superiority.

9. Hipster

Hipster is one of the most glorified Q&A services of modern years, but it is still not geared up for public exercise. It has meant to be local Q&A service that can assist you discover more about objects in the region around you. If you need to identify the nearby place to get any item? Hipster intends to be the service that will assist you discover out. It will have dedicated question sites for different locations, so you will only locate objects in your neighborhood.

10. Healthysparx

This is a newly launched site which has been designed to assist you to discover answers related to your health questions. Its fine-looking column design is redolent of Twitter for iPad. It is simple to get started by inquiring or replying some questions because you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts directly.

In Short

From fitness to WordPress to aliens, there are many question and answer sites about hundreds of issues at present. And contrasting Yahoo! Answers and other related sites from the earlier period, today it’s simpler and easier than ever to get convincing replies from elegant people that actually know what they are discussing about. You will still come across some incorrect answers, but your chances of getting the accurate answers which you need are much more.