Even in this age of faster communication at electronic speed, organizations find it difficult how to make internal team communication more effective and productive. No organization can perform well if team members cannot coordinate properly. Especially when the workers are located at different locations, they cannot even walk over to a co-workers desk to have a one-to-one talk. What is the best way to stay in touch with each other and increase the productivity of the team?

Let’s make use of the power of the web to enhance the communication process. A lot of applications are available these days that can be used to make team communication easier. With these apps you can keep in touch with the co-workers and synchronize various processes.

Here is a list of 10 such team communication apps:

1. Twitter

Apparently it may seem to be a micro-blogging platform but you can use it as a business communication tool as well. If all the team members are on twitter, by using lists and hastags you can turn it up to a communication tool for the team members. With twitter you can provide excellent customer support as well. So, do not get offended when you see your team members are using Twitter, turn their tweeting habit into a great business communication strategy.

2. Skype

A lot of people get confused and think that Skype is a personal tool for communication; but it is widely used for business communication as well. Skype users can make voice calls to talk to each other; moreover Skype allows users to call to land or cell phones at much low rates.

3. Email

Email is the oldest and still highest used communication tool online. A lot of people believe that emails create distraction – in that case, you have to define your email checking hours. With various features integrated with free email providers, such as Calendars, Auto-responder etc. you can enhance the communication process and eliminate all kind of bottlenecks and gaps.

4. Yammer

Yammer looks similar like twitter, but allows you to keep the communications private. This is a microblogging platform with options to update status, send message etc.

5. Codebase

It allows you to integrate your code repository with a communication system. Team members can keep a track of the changes in code and communicate with each other easily.

6. Google Chat

Google chat system may look outdated, but it can be used as one of the effective communication system. You can either use Google Talk or the Chat system that comes with Gmail. When you use an official Gmail id or you host your email accounts with Google using Google Apps, this chat system can allow you to stay in touch with your co-workers only.

7. 37signals Apps: Basecamp & Backpack

37signals is known for creating effective business apps. All these apps are user friendly and easy to use. Basecamp is one of the popular project management tools developed by 37signals team. Campfire is another product from them; it offers a group chat interface. With Backpack you can create informative pages easily.

8. Teambox

It started as a project management tool, but now it is more popular as an online collaboration tool. You have to try it to know the strengths of this application.

9. HipChat

HipChat allows you to start ongoing chats and members in your contact list can join the chat any time. Good for those who want to do conferences online.

10. Chatter

It looks like Google Buzz or Facebook, but it is designed to keep your corporate communication private. Chatter is free and a very useful tool.