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Arvixe has been growing in leaps and bounds and there are several reasons for this.  The clients are happy and are referring many of their friends to this particular service.  One of the challenges with a hosting service is the support.  When you find a company that offers great support then you need to work closely with it.  The Arvixe support team is very strong and they make it easy for their clients. The response times are within 2 hours and any of your follow up questions will be answered very quickly as well.


One can reach arvixe hosting support through email and chat support.  The live chat will give you immediate answers while the email takes about 2 hours.  If you are so inclined, you may also call for instant answers.  International customers are welcome to skype with them in order to avoid any accruing phone charges.  They use a ticket system that is not complicated at all and once you have submitted your problem you will receive relevant information and a link via email in an order to gain more information and to give a better answer.

The Arvixe hosting solution comes in several packages.  They are business hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS.  They also have shared hosting for personal plans which are the personal class Pro and Personal Class.  Even though these personal plans are majorly similar, they do have one difference that stands out – the domains offered.  With the Personal Class Pro you will get unlimited domains while with the Personal Class hosting plan you will get under 6 domains.

Arvixe provides both Lennox and Windows hosting services.  They also have Ruby on Rails and you can upgrade from personal packages to VPS and business hosting as your business continues to grow.  Some of the other features you can look forward to include:

  • Preinstalled Git
  • Ruby on Railes
  • A free image hosting script – Cheverato
  • Backup on a daily basis
  • RVSite builder
  • PHP choices
  • 60 day guarantee or your money back
  • Cloudflare CDN is ready
  • A lifetime domain for free
  • …more

Their C Panel is the regular one which makes using it quite easy because you are familiar with it.  Additionally, changing hosting services will be easy as well. You can be sure that all standard utilities, apps, marketing and SEO tools are also available.  All this coupled with great Arvixe hosting support means that you will have a great experience with them.


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