25 Stunning Google Chrome Extensions For Enhancing Your Google Plus Experience

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If you are a Google Chrome fan and already have an account on Google plus, by taking advantage of Chrome extension, you can easily widen the Google + features and experience.

To get an enhanced and added features there are a number of Google Plus extensions are available for Google Chrome. These chrome extensions will not only make Google Plus more fascinating and will also add some usability advancement to Google Plus.

Here are top 25 popular chrome extensions for Google Plus which will make your Google+ social networking experience even more overwhelming!

1. Surplus

Features of surplus extension are: Post or respond from within the pop-up, Desktop Notifications, Notification sounds, Switch between multiple Google accounts

2. +1 Button

Features of +1 button are: +1 the current page with only one click, Check if you already +1′d the current page,  Check how many people +1′d the current page

3. Notification Count for Google Plus

Main features of this extension are: Checks for any unread notifications of your Google Plus every minute and displays unread notification count on your browser extension toolbar, Click to open a tab to read all notifications etc.

4. Helper for Google Plus

This extension adds extra functions to Google plus. This extension offers desktop notifications on new posts. It allows you to share Posts via twitter and also translate posts with Google Translate. You can search in Google+ posts and profiles directly from your address box. This extension can access your data on plus.google.com and your browsing history.

5. Google + Tweet

Features: TweetShort URL’s through bit.ly, share Photos through TwitPic, share Videos through TwitVid, share your location and watch your timeline etc.

6. Facebook Friend Exporter

The extension, which only works when Facebook is set to the English language, essentially extracts data for each of your Facebook friends that they have shared with you.This process is rather time-consuming, especially if you have a slow connection and/or a large number of Facebook friends.

7. Google + CSS Tricks

It fixes the black navigation bar on the top so that users don’t need to go to top again in order to access the navigation tool bar again. It puts the search bar on the top so it is easy to use the search bar with the help of the mouse. It saves the space while using the Google calendar and Google maps and provides a good look of web page in Google chrome browser.

8. Google+ Ultimate

Google+ Ultimate is an extension that is ported from an user style and it can get rid of some elements from your Google+ account when you open it on Chrome.

9. Start G+

Start G+ is another Chrome extension that adds extra features to Google Plus. The extension put Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google Plus stream, complete with “Stream” links on the side and rich media.

10. G+ Extended

G+ Extended is another Google plus extension for Google Chrome. This extension adds some useful shortcuts for users of Google+. These shortcuts includes “+” for +1′ing a post, “-” for removing your +1 on a post, “p” to toggle your +1 on a post, “s” to share a post and “e” to expand older comments on a post.

11. +Comment Toggle

+Comment Toggle is a nice Google Plus extension for Google Chrome browser. As the name suggests the +Comment Toggle hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them.

12. Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus (Beta)

Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus Chrome extension will add a context-link icon below your Google Plus post in order to share your post to some well-known social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg etc.

13. Usability Boost for Google Plus

Usability Boost for Google Plus extension will help you visualize the flow of information on Google Plus. The tool keeps Google/Notification bar stays at a fixed position on top.

14. Plus One (+1) Button

Adds a button to +1 any web page. (+1 pages go to your profile).

15. Google + Facebook

Adds Button for Facebook stream display inside of Google+

16. -1 Minus One (Dislike Button)

We can easy add a dislike (or – point) feeling

17. Google Plus Lite

Google plus lite helps you to access Google’s new social networking Google plus in lite mode.

18. Facebook +

Browse Facebook without ever leaving Google +. This extension takes the main news feed from your Facebook account and puts it in a stream on Google +.

19. Reddit + Orangered

Simple extension that replaces the default notification icon in the Google + bar with a reddit orangered envelope.

20. Photo Zoom

Hovering over photos in stream displays larger version

21. + Everything

With this app, let it follow you everywhere and see if there are notifications waiting for you.

22. Replies and more for Google Plus

Reply and reply to Author links for easy + mentions of other user

23. Google + Theme

It lets you to change theme of your Google Plus account

24. Extended Share for Google Plus

Adds Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook Share Button to each post

25. Color Bar Changer

Changes color of Google Plus bar to green, pink or blue

By using these above amazing chrome extensions, you can enhance your experience on Google Plus.

John Laster is a technical news junkie and Founder of TechieApps. He loves everything about digital world, technologies, social media and gadgets and has been prophetic in identifying the best ways to leverage and harness such news to drive sales growth for companies ranging from startups to huge organizations.

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  2. Ali Khan says:

    Wonderful apps to enhance your google plus experience.
    Check out news on techstates.com as well.

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  4. BlueApple says:

    Hey very nice list extensions, i like it.And I’m going to use all of it.
    Thanks for the list, nice work keep it up.

  5. Check out the google plus Hangout Finder Extension! You should add it to that list :)


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  9. Ehsan says:

    I’ve developed a new extension (Uncircle+) which I think you may find it useful.
    I’ll be very glad if you can test and introduce this new extension.

    Uncircle+ Description:

    Google+ lets you add a maximum of 5000 people to your circles. Nevertheless, not all of the people in your circles are active.

    Uncircle+ is a google chrome extension that lets you easily uncircle (that is, remove) inactive people from your Google+ circles so that you can add more people to your circles later without reaching the 5000 limit.

    Inactive people are those people in your circles who have not shared any posts (original, reshare, private or public posts) with you. Having at least 1 such post is a sign of activity.

    Uncircle+ behind the scene:
    Step 1: it collects a listing of people you’ve added to your circles.
    Step 2: it checks the activity of these people.
    Step 3: it shows you inactive people and lets you select which ones to remove.
    Step 4: it removes selected inactive people.

  10. Shannon says:

    Nice post. Extremely engrossing and accurately penned article. Thanks!

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