10 Must Have Tools For Your Startup

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There are various cloud tools out there, to help startups in expanding their business. These tools are a cost effective way to manage the business and take it to the next level. Here is a list of some must have tools: invoicera1 Invoicera Invoicera is a great tool for online invoicing and productivity management for startups. The tool helps easily creating customized and professional invoice templates for your business. The tool helps in time tracking and project management along with invoice management. Invoicera helps in quicker invoice payments with interesting features like late fee, online payments and payment reminders.   AngelList2 AngelList This is a great platform to network with other startups and also find potential investors for your business. The platform also enables startups to find the right people for building a team for their business. Funding is one of the key aspects of a startup and this tool is extremely helpful.   mailchimp3 Mailchimp This is another very important tool for managing the email campaigns for your business. The tool helps in simplified management of sending out bulk emails to your target audience. The tool has got social media integration and in-built templates to get better results from your campaigns. surveymonkey4 Surveymonkey Getting views and feedback from your target audience can  help you provide the right sort of products and services for them. The tool helps in easy creation and sharing of surveys, so they can be filled in by the target audiences. One can also use surveys to devise the appropriate marketing strategies for the business. optimizely5 Optimizely Optimizely is a powerful platform for A/B testing and website optimization. The tool helps in making a variety of changes to the website and understanding the traffic impacts of the changes made. Make your website more user friendly and interactive, using this powerful tool. fullcontect6 FullContact This is a very useful tool for managing client relationships with ease. The tools makes your gmail contacts work for your business. It helps you know more details about your gmail contacts, such as their social profiles and latest updates. The tools helps in know more about them such as their company details and its locations. It also helps in building a relationship by connecting with them on social channels. wordpress7 WordPress This is one of the most power content management systems for startups. The CMS helps in building customized and search engine friendly websites. The tool is easy to use and manage and suitable for all types of business sites.

LiveChat This is another powerful tool for interacting with your customers and resolving their queries.  Many a times customers find the product interesting, but do-not understand its features completely. A Livechat tool helps in instantly responding to their queries and converting them into customers. The tool helps in personalizing the customer experience on the site.   Canva 9 Canva Canva is a simple to use designing tool for startups and designers. It is a cloud based tool that helps creating a variety of designs and download them with ease. It has a host of resources such as images, graphics, backgrounds and frames that can be used for easily creating desirable designs for business use. SEMrush 10 SEMrush This a powerful analytics tool for managing search engine optimization for your startup. The tool also helps in doing a detailed competitor analysis and understanding the competitor SEO strategies.

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